Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission & Philosophy

To define quality in construction in past, present and future projects on the Costa del Sol.

At Alquimia, we set very high standards in construction services and aim to maintain those standards during every stage of every project we undertake. We consistently reach all deadlines and deliver projects according to the demands of our clients while ensuring the security of our team.

We offer experience, excellence and quality.

Reliability and Professionalism
We maintain a very high standard of professional conduct and reliability throughout every project we undertake, be it a private villa, the renovation of an apartment, the development of a hotel or a commercial centre. We deliver when we promise and are always available to attend to our clients’ needs.

With the very best in technical and human resources we provide extremely high quality services and deliver projects to the same standards.

Our team is essential to our success and fundamental in helping us reach our objectives. Therefore, we are committed to nurturing all those who contribute in making Alquimia what it is.

Continuous Internal Training
We understand the importance of continual training for employees and each year, identify any areas to improve and subsequently contract specialized training companies to impart courses and training sessions. Furthermore, training covering prevention of accidents in the workplace are conducted on site throughout the year.